Imperia Pasta Maker

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Imperia Pasta Machine

The Imperia Pasta Machine is a beautiful and simple design, it’s time saving, compact and easy to use and is THE answer to creating delicious fresh pasta in the comfort of your own home.

Imperia Pasta MakerIf you are looking for restaurant quality pasta in your kitchen then the Imperia Past Maker is the answer. You will undoubtedly be very impressed with it’s quality build and how little space it takes up when stored away.

When you taste fresh pasta you cannot deny that nothing else compares to that gorgeous taste and texture. The Imperia Pasta Maker will have you craving fresh pasta more and more with it’s effortless control and speed of use. The Pasta Machine does make a big impact on making pasta as it cuts time and creates a perfect sheet or pasta shape at the turn of a handle.

Not all pasta machines are the same so please don’t make the mistake of thinking a pasta machine is JUST a pasta machine. The cheaper models are not well balanced, clunky, and not as study as the Imperia machines.

The Imperia Pasta Maker is very durable well considered machine that has been hand built for decades by the quality craftsmen at Imperia Italy. If you are looking for pasta machine to last and continue to produce quality pasta every time you call upon it then look no further, the Imperia Pasta Machine will simply last and last!

As you would expect the machine is very well built being sturdy, smooth when rolling, doesn’t require any strength to use, easy to clean and made from stainless steel so will not stain or corrode over time. The manufacturing standards on the Pasta Machines is second to none producing a machine that is an absolute pleasure to own and is in fact great fun to use, yes it is FUN to make pasta with this great device!

Imperia Pasta Maker

  • Imperia Pasta Machine weighs 4.1 kg (boxed)
  • Pasta Machine Entry level model number is SP150
  • Pasta Maker size and dimensions are: 22.9 x 31.8 x 16.5 cm
  • Customers always comment that it is leaps and bounds above any cheaper model they have previously used.

Quite simply the Imperia Pasta Maker is one of the best machines you can buy when it comes to creating fresh pasta in your own home – it is without doubt an investment you will not regret and will reward you for years to come with it’s longevity.

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