Sophie Conran 4 Inch Coupe Plate Set of 4

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    Sophie Conran for Portmeirion 4 Inch Coupe Plate Set of 4
    CPW78863-XF Let your side dishes steal the show with these elegant coupe plates by Sophie Conran. These four pieces are the perfect size for a hot bread roll or slice of cake ?ˆ“ just what you need if your plate?ˆ™s already full to the brim. Not even the peskiest of peas can roll over the raised edges, while the signature ripple design gives them a unique, homely feel. Made from hardwearing porcelain, they're easy to clean and re-heat. Just pop yours in the oven or microwave before dinner, then tidy the set into the dishwasher after the meal. Dimensions: 10cm/4 inches Beautiful white porcelain
    Dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe
    Ovenproof up to 200?°C/400?°F

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