Pebbly Measuring Jug

PebblySKU: PKM1000R

Size: 1000mL - Red


The measuring cup is an essential ally in the kitchen. Whether you’re baking or rustling up a classic recipe, the measuring glass is an essential tool to ensure effective preparation.The Pebbly cup is made entirely of borosilicate glass and has a yellow non-slip silicone base to maintain stability and keep it from sliding. The silicone holder is fully detachable, allowing you to wash the two parts separately with ease.

Pebbly’s measuring jug has clear and colored graduations for easy reading. Four types of graduations are listed: sugar, flour and rice are graduated in grams, whilst liquids can be measured in milliliters, centiliters, deciliters and liters. The four graduation choices for liquids make it easier to take precise measurements and avoid complicated and tedious conversions. The Pebbly measuring jug has been designed in borosilicate glass, giving it excellent heat resistance up to 300°C. It can be used in the microwave and refrigerator. The jug’s spout allows you to pour liquid or solid food easily from one container to another. Its ergonomic handle also offers excellent grip to aid transportation. The jug has a removable silicone base, guaranteeing easy washing and great, shock-resistant stability.

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