SAMBA 1 litre Thermal Carafe Cherry Red‎

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‎Moments of enjoyment with the right Thermal carafe

‎Whether for breakfast, for the morning in the office or the coffee round in the afternoon: nothing goes beyond aromatic, hot coffee or tea – as freshly brewed. But how do the delicious hot drinks retain their aroma and optimal temperature? In the right thermal carafe, coffee or tea. can even stay aromatically hot for up to twelve hours and provide many moments of enjoyment.‎

‎SAMBA is for everyone!‎

‎For more than 25 years, the SAMBA insulating can has made life more colourful and is an integral part of German households. Whether crisp or covered, cheerful or discreet – there is the right SAMBA for every taste!‎

‎Simple, hot, dense‎

‎ The thermal carafe is extraordinarily robust with a capacity of one litre and is 100 percent tight. There are further advantages for their Quick Press closure, which enables portion-accurate and drip-free pouring at the touch of a button.‎

‎Technical data‎
  • ‎Size: 1.0 L (17.8 x 14.5 x 21.5 cm)‎
    • ‎With high-quality glass insulating piston‎
    • ‎Simply open at the touch of a button‎
    • ‎Timeless design‎
  • ‎100% close‎

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