Wüsthof Performer 8" Chef's Knife

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  • The Performer 8” Cook’s Knife is the most indispensable knife in the kitchen. As an all-purpose blade, this cook’s knife is designed to handle a variety of cutting tasks. The 8” length is the standard size for a chef’s knife and the ideal size for all types of food prep. The full bolster protects fingers while adding weight to the knife for a perfect balance, while the ergonomic handle fits comfortably in the hand for a smooth cutting experience. This knife is designed to chop through all types of meat and vegetables as well as finely dice herbs and small produce.
  • The WÜSTHOF Performer series combines centuries of knife craft expertise with new state-of-the-art manufacturing.  Each knife in the series effortlessly glides through food to elevate your cooking experience with performance developed for food fans and professional chefs who expect nothing but the best.
  • DLC coated blade: the DLC (diamond-like-carbon) coating not only gives the knife its unique black colour but also increases the surface strength of the blade from 58° to 104° HRC without the steel becoming brittle. The DLC coating creates a high resistance to scratches, high temperatures, strong acids, alkalines, and starch.
  • Hexagon Power Grip: an ergonomic offset hexagon design made of polyamide, with a reinforced fibreglass structure for a secure and controlled grip while cutting.
  • Each Performer knife is forged from a single piece of High Carbon Stainless Steel and features a unique oversized WÜSTHOF Trident logo lasered on the back of the blade. Forged entirely in Solingen, Germany, the Performer series is crafted for elite comfort and unparalleled performance.

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